Seeing this on Facebook made me post a while back that it is sad that women are like that because they were so magical, in the head of a person who literally understands them. Whereas now they can be morons or smart asses like men. But this equality complex is what has set men and women apart from each other. Women don’t love anymore and if they do it is just for profit.

When women realize this, I am afraid it is going to be too late. Many men become gay because of women, others just because they feel the world wants them to be. Others just follow their needs and aspirations.

I am not judging anyone. So don’t call me sexist, but that is the truth you don’t want to hear.

Really women have grown so much and became so like men that I wonder:

Where is differentiation? Dead nowhere to be found.

Women say, “I won’t marry, because I am not fit for marriage…”

Oh really and who is fit for marriage?

If women don’t see that men are changing rapidly too.

Like the other one I heard the other day:

” She was mental I tell you!”

“Oh really why?”

” She wanted me to suck her all over, but it was so gross, I couldn’t do it.”

Oh well if a woman asks you to suck her all over, actually asks you, which man would say no to that?

I am really crazy at what this world has actually become. We are all morons, all of us thinking that we can change the world. Because we are smart.

The smarter we get the more selfish we become and because of that humanity is progressing rapidly but we have to stop caring for ourselves and become more selfless.

Women had this feeling of selflessness but now they’ve become as selfish as men.

Where are the little girls playing in the fields? Those smiling faces now thrown behind telephones, expensive smart-phones and mini-computers. IoT is killing the world as we see it.

Keep on reading and women change yourselves before the world does it for you.



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