Post-modernity issues….

Being on the matter of communication, which has been a crucial part of my life, I have noticed posts everywhere about how people should talk or write about things.

However I believe that people should be free to talk as they like, not how society tells them to talk. That is actually Post-modernity, as my professors on Communications would say. Post-modernity for those not as knowledgeable is the way people think now and modernity is the way they thought in the past. During the modernity period people would listen to religion and wouldn’t think about going against the law.

However now, on this day and age, people think before acting either against policy and regulations or religion. Of course all this thinking out of the box, as I’d say, where has it gotten us? People are still dying for religion…. People are still fighting for governments and freedom. Freedom can be such a modernity word. Why? Because of the way people dress it. We believe we are free but are we? Are we doing anything except work and die? Are we helping other people?  Or are we only helping ourselves?

No…  we are only seeing what society wants us to see, Feeling what society tells us to feel.  Falling into the pit of Society, I will say this:

Don’t Trust Public People. Don’t trust Politicians! Don’t trust anyone, especially those that call themselves friends but have not proven their friendship.

The trust you should have would be only to those people who prove their kindness to you, by being there for you when you cry, being there for you when you are sad or happy at the same time.  Not just for modernity’s sake but for your own,

People around us are distant, blinded by society, and when they show an act of kindness, they are forgotten. I will never forget that time when I couldn’t walk anymore, and an old lady gave me a hand, when I should be giving her a hand, instead.  So I did my best to walk back home, And when I reached the gateway of the house, I thanked her and gave her a strong hug and a kiss on her cheek,

Doing a kind thing is not profitable, as Steve Jobs would say. I can’t agree to that sorry. Talking about Steve Jobs, the technology sector has gotten wild over the past seventeen years, always making something new. But as technology increases , there is a drop in human interaction which is the worst thing that could happen. And that is all because of postmodernism.

Continuing on the subject why I hate post-modernity or postmodernism however you like, that would be women.Why women you ask? I will gladly tell you.

During modernism, women were thought as something that didn’t matter or that it mattered really much. As if they were not part of Society, yada yada yada, When modernity kicked in, feminism kicked in,  but in post-modernity period after the 20th century, feminism became a part of Society.

Women love Feminism. They all want to be feminists and men are stupid!! Why should men be so stupid and women not?  Woman is above man, in every way. Oh really? How so? If women were above men, which is good in my belief, if women had the power and the male president was in the ditch, then we would have been saved. Of course we would. But I am not taking any sides here. I am just saying that during modernity women were magical. You would see a woman wearing a dress and a beautiful hat walking in the park fearlessly. But now you would the same beautiful magical thing dressed with jeans and a Girl’s Rock Band T-Shirt. And that is just an example of how women have become more like men in this day and age.

I went to a ball the other day. You would laugh to think that more girls dressed as men were there than men themselves. That is just my own thinking I know, but I came to a ball or so the ticket said… Anyway I won’t cry about this on paper.

What I will cry about however is this:

Where is the beautiful virgin flower that I knew? Where is she my heart of hearts? Where is the love I crave? Where? Where? Where?

Thank you for reading this far. Sorry about bringing non-feminist thoughts onto your brains. Feel the world, don’t be afraid of it.  Maybe there are dangers out there to find but those dangers can become dust just by being good to our neighbors and being nice to everyone we meet. Remember be bad only to the people that treat you bad, but even those people can be forgiven, don’t forget and never give in to melancholy.


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