I believe people are lonely, because when you think about it, are we really so lonely? Big cities filled with cars and pedestrians moving around as time goes by, none of them interacting. Maybe a shout can be heard in the distance as a driver  shouts at an old lady to walk faster. Are we only impersonating rage?

Are we only speaking to people that we know?Are we afraid of meeting new people? Many of us are.

I stood at my corner as always in the pub and a young lady walked by me . She smelled of perfume and she was dressed with a red skirt that reached her knees and her legs were bare with high heels on her feet. She was a brunette, a wry little thing. I kept on watching her as she moved closer to a guy, who I guess was her boyfriend.

Let me tell you what happened next though, The boy shouted and left her there crying. I didn’t know the reason they fought but I went by her side and asked her if she was okay. She shook her head, saying that no she was not. I offered an arm of encouragement, but she denied my offer and thanked me.  Next I returned to my seat, but she still stood there. Then another guy came in and took her by the hand and escorted her out of the premises with some other girls.  As she walked by me, she came up at me, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, thanking me as if I had done something. But just because I cared, she showed gratefulness towards me, a guy she had never met. Unfortunately, my good deed was forsaken  and forgotten. I never saw the crying girl again. Acts of kindness are easily forgotten because kindness is what we all seek in life and we receive it from some people but not from all people. Some people would eventually hate us. I never understood what an old friend of mine used to say:

“If you don’t make enemies, you can’t make friends”

Is that really true world? I never wanted to have enemies but they kept appearing not just because I was ignorant of them, but because I loved them, I couldn’t hate them. Was I wrong in doing that or was I right? Well that remains to be seen.

I am trying to make a new circle of friends, just to keep me company on cold winter nights and sunny summer days. However, I am not expecting their  love, because I have learned not to expect it, but to give it freely.

And I am still lonely, locked in my own dungeon, writing a blog, which I don’t know who will stay and read it, but I hope some of you out there will.


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