When the mind plays its tricks

via Misia’s Art – Home

I was just looking at some art today. And when I looked at this picture something came to mind. It is more like a realisation than anything else really

I’ve been thinking that as people progress in life, none of them realise the burning desire that rests within them. The desire to be free and without burden. The  desire to let their demons out in the open, and actually find out what it means to be free.

Freedom is a secular subject, not having to do with religion. It is more the idea that we should let go and feel our soul’s burden wither on the vine. And as our burden withers away, the light that we notice, as we open our eyes in the morning, feeling that we are born again.

I wish I could let go of the precautions that society has placed on me, but unfortunately there is no place where  we can let go.

Only if love comes knocking. Not the love referring to knocking somebody off for an one night stand. No love is something more. You have to feel the pulse when you see that special someone. And that someone has to feel the same. I haven’t yet found that special someone, but I wish I could. The pulse I may have felt, but I don’t think it is mutual.

Anyway hope you keep on reading. This is just the beginning.


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