I am going to talk about myself a lot in these blog pages.

I am a MSc Student. Studying Information Security. Oh well this is nothing special really since Information Security is a big thing nowadays. What I’d like to comment though is how much I love Information Security.

(Oh, well you know she is my girlfriend. Hahaha, if Security had a boyfriend it really wouldn’t be me. It would be a macho-man who will keep on saying: “CIA, oh my beautiful, CIA.”)

C.I.A. ain’t Central Information Agency. It is Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability. I hope I don’t have to explain that those are the basic Security Principles that any organisation has to keep intact in order to stay strong in this Information-based world we live in.

What I will try to write in these pages is my life. How I live it and how I feel about it. The occasional drama-like substance that you would love to read and fall into every Sunday morning as you drink your coffee thinking about how crazy life has become.

A little-bit about me. I have a disability which makes me feel weak everyday. I can’t walk long distances, but when I do it is sometimes with the help of a friend, or my best buddy, my walking stick.

I love to play video games. Anything I can get my hands on. Currently I’ve been into PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS games. I occasionally play PC games too, when the mood kicks in. Generally, I am a pro at most games I play.

“Don’t brag about it dude.” a good friend used to tell me. I am not any good at multi-player games, though. Even so , would love to have a fellow gamer to trade stories or Pokemon for that matter.

“Well, duh, then I can be a pro gamer too.” You can be whatever you like. I don’t care.

This is mostly it about me. I don’t really like sports.

“No, really? You don’t like sports… That is a bit gay dude.”

Talking about sexuality, I a god-damned straight man. (Have been watching porn since I was 12.) I don’t mind people of different sexuality. Do what you like in your bed, as we say in Greece.

Oh darn it, forgot to mention I am Greek in origin. I feel more English or British everytime I go to Britain. My principles actually derive from British principles. I don’t like people watching me when I walk around. I like it when people listen to me when I talk in class. I always allow women to go first, even if  I am disabled. I help my fellow man, whenever I can. That is mostly it about my good manners. Regrettably, I don’t drink a lot. That is why I don’t get out a lot, but when I do, I try to have an amazing time.

Relationships…. Oh well going to have  a whole page related to that point. But I am going to say that I try to keep my love relationships intact as much as any man can. Had a long-term love relationship some time back, not feeling hurt about it though.

Anyways keep reading and have fun out there. The world is as pitiful a place as we make it to be. Cheers!



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