You and me

I really enjoyed this poem! It even made me cry a little! Read it you all out there enjoy it!

@ bittersweet diary

There are just edges that never fit,

It’ll only turn out as a tragedy.

When colors mix in the saddest way,

It produces an image of you and me.

When dead trees sprout in the middle of The freshest meadows;

And flowers wilt in the beginning of spring

And when fireflies loses their glow,

It reminds us of our things.

When clouds cry and never stop,

And stars fall in the form of shards,

When towers tumble from the tops,

It reminds me of our heart.

When lightening inhabits every cloud,

And When words and laughter seem so foreign to us,

When we see to each other but no sound,

It’s reminds me how we faded to dust.

So every time,

When someone say the word of “TRAGEDY”

My mind can’t help but come back to the time,


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Beautiful World

As the days pass, I keep on watching the Facebook profiles of my friends. And as I see them growing more beautiful, and so full of life. I wonder why I get to pass the days locked up in what appears to be a dungeon, and grow older and more uglier everyday. I hope my inside world remains unchanged but I am kinda jealous of them. Jealous of their lives and jealous of seeing them prosper in a way that I never did and never will. I just hope for the best for them and their families, and also wish them divine luck with whatever they get on their minds. Continue reading “Beautiful World”

When the mind plays its tricks

via Misia’s Art – Home

I was just looking at some art today. And when I looked at this picture something came to mind. It is more like a realisation than anything else really

I’ve been thinking that as people progress in life, none of them realise the burning desire that rests within them. The desire to be free and without burden. The  desire to let their demons out in the open, and actually find out what it means to be free.

Freedom is a secular subject, not having to do with religion. It is more the idea that we should let go and feel our soul’s burden wither on the vine. And as our burden withers away, the light that we notice, as we open our eyes in the morning, feeling that we are born again.

I wish I could let go of the precautions that society has placed on me, but unfortunately there is no place where  we can let go.

Only if love comes knocking. Not the love referring to knocking somebody off for an one night stand. No love is something more. You have to feel the pulse when you see that special someone. And that someone has to feel the same. I haven’t yet found that special someone, but I wish I could. The pulse I may have felt, but I don’t think it is mutual.

Anyway hope you keep on reading. This is just the beginning.


I am going to talk about myself a lot in these blog pages.

I am a MSc Student. Studying Information Security. Oh well this is nothing special really since Information Security is a big thing nowadays. What I’d like to comment though is how much I love Information Security.

(Oh, well you know she is my girlfriend. Hahaha, if Security had a boyfriend it really wouldn’t be me. It would be a macho-man who will keep on saying: “CIA, oh my beautiful, CIA.”)

C.I.A. ain’t Central Information Agency. It is Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability. I hope I don’t have to explain that those are the basic Security Principles that any organisation has to keep intact in order to stay strong in this Information-based world we live in.

What I will try to write in these pages is my life. How I live it and how I feel about it. The occasional drama-like substance that you would love to read and fall into every Sunday morning as you drink your coffee thinking about how crazy life has become.

A little-bit about me. I have a disability which makes me feel weak everyday. I can’t walk long distances, but when I do it is sometimes with the help of a friend, or my best buddy, my walking stick.

I love to play video games. Anything I can get my hands on. Currently I’ve been into PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS games. I occasionally play PC games too, when the mood kicks in. Generally, I am a pro at most games I play.

“Don’t brag about it dude.” a good friend used to tell me. I am not any good at multi-player games, though. Even so , would love to have a fellow gamer to trade stories or Pokemon for that matter.

“Well, duh, then I can be a pro gamer too.” You can be whatever you like. I don’t care.

This is mostly it about me. I don’t really like sports.

“No, really? You don’t like sports… That is a bit gay dude.”

Talking about sexuality, I a god-damned straight man. (Have been watching porn since I was 12.) I don’t mind people of different sexuality. Do what you like in your bed, as we say in Greece.

Oh darn it, forgot to mention I am Greek in origin. I feel more English or British everytime I go to Britain. My principles actually derive from British principles. I don’t like people watching me when I walk around. I like it when people listen to me when I talk in class. I always allow women to go first, even if  I am disabled. I help my fellow man, whenever I can. That is mostly it about my good manners. Regrettably, I don’t drink a lot. That is why I don’t get out a lot, but when I do, I try to have an amazing time.

Relationships…. Oh well going to have  a whole page related to that point. But I am going to say that I try to keep my love relationships intact as much as any man can. Had a long-term love relationship some time back, not feeling hurt about it though.

Anyways keep reading and have fun out there. The world is as pitiful a place as we make it to be. Cheers!